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If You Don’t Breath Through Your Nose, You’re Missing Out

Your life can drastically improve with a few deep breaths

Hudson Rennie
5 min readOct 12, 2021
A mechanic fixing the chassis of a vehicle (metaphor: the vehicle is your body). Mic drop.
Photo by Malte Luk from Pexels

Listen mouth-breathers, I’m not looking to offend anyone. I want to help.

So, pause and take a deep breath. Get yourself into a listening state. Don’t feel any better? That’s because you’re doing it wrong.

Have you ever taken your car to get its oil changed? Perhaps you’re handy and do it yourself. Congrats. Either way, you’ve likely seen a dirty air filter. At the 10-minute oil change spots, they’ll pull it out and rub all the black gunk around with their white-gloved fingers.

“Did you know you’re breathing this in every day?”

Then, they’ll proceed to sell you a new air filter at a 600% markup. You’ll pay full price because you care about your health.

Now, imagine a world where that air filter improves the performance of your vehicle, supercharges the engine, reinforces the chassis, and shines the grill. In this fantastical world, it’s also free. All you have to do is remember to turn it on whenever you use your car.

Sounds like a dream right? Well, it’s not. Your body has this feature. It’s called your nose. We’ve merely lost sight of how to use it.

Here’s everything you’re missing out on by breathing through your mouth.

Why do we breathe through our mouths?

If breathing through your nose is so much better than our mouths, why even have the capability, right?

Originally, humans were made to breathe through our noses. Besides the countless health benefits of nose-breathing (that we will dive into in a moment), it was an efficient way to eat while breathing and not choke.

Over time, we began breathing through our mouths out of laziness. Our brains are always looking for ways to save energy and mouth-breathing is much easier. Just like anything in life, taking the easy route leads to undesirable results. So, over the years, we begin breathing undesirably.

Our posture began to slouch forward, brain function slowed, and our mouths now hang open when not in…



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