How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Get Out of Any Sales Slump

5 sure-fire techniques to get back on track after a dip in performance…

Working in sales is like investing in the stock market. Even the highest performing salespeople experience a dip in results at one point or another.

So, what makes a consistently GREAT salesperson?

Hazard Business Review explains “that a good salesperson must have at least two basic qualities: empathy and ego drive.”

From my experience working in sales for the past decade, I feel that this sentiment goes much, much deeper…

A good salesperson may have empathy or ego drive but a GREAT salesperson must be able to influence others’ emotions through mastery of their own. The best salespeople never get overly excited when hitting a home run nor do they turn on themselves when striking out.

Here’s exactly how you can get back on track quickly and efficiently when experiencing a sales slump:

1. Stick to the facts

After one, maybe two missed opportunities, you can start to doubt yourself, feeling as though you’ve lost ‘it’.

Entertaining negative feelings is the best way to allow them to take over, so when this happens, refer to the facts. Stick to hard data that outlines your actual performance. Numbers don’t lie but your subconscious does.

2. Be honest

Photo from Youtube: Jorja Smith — Be Honest

Honesty is always your best policy in life. First and foremost, be honest with yourself. Let yourself feel the uncomfortable feelings of failure and disappointment for a brief moment before moving on. Clients can sense a salesperson desperately trying to grasp their next sale, and you never want to sacrifice genuine connection for a quick-fix.

3. Focus on connection above all else

Empathy is a salesperson’s superpower. Sales is not about ‘taking’ but offering genuine value in exchange for goods, services, or money. That value can come in the form of security, peace-of-mind, or know-how, but it all starts with understanding your clients’ needs. Nobody buys anything from someone they don’t trust, and genuinely connecting with 100 clients will always yield a greater return than attempting to dupe 1000.

4. Put MORE effort into your life outside of work

Being a strong salesperson takes a delicate balance of hard work, know-how, and charm. Anybody can work hard and memorize facts, but ‘charm’ can only be developed through life experience and authenticity. Remember to have fun, laugh, and engage in activities you love outside of work. People don’t buy products or services, they buy stories and ideas. So go home, experience life, and develop some stories and ideas of your own. Sometimes working harder means taking a day off in the midst of a sales slump.

5. Remember that you are NOT that important!

We all want to feel important and that the world revolves around us. When succeeding we want to be the hero, and in hard times, the villain. But in reality, your decline in sales could have nothing to do with you at all. There are millions of outside factors that can affect even the most polished and professional salespeople.

Focus on what you can control and address the hard facts. If you’re being honest with yourself and are truly doing everything you can, then just be patient. Every dog has its day but dogs have bad days too… sometimes weeks.

Consistency means knowing when to fold

If sales were a poker game, it would be insane to go all-in on every hand, so don’t. Focus on connection, bringing value, controlling what you can, and most importantly, knowing when to fold. Your pocket aces are coming, and you want to be ready to capitalize on them when they do.



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