How I Use Fiverr to Get Free Stuff to Sell Online

A $5 gig can earn you so much more

Hudson Rennie


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Let me preface this article by saying two things:

1. I tip too much

2. I am a notoriously good customer

This information will become relevant soon.

You’ve likely clicked on this headline because you are in some way interested in the idea of getting free stuff and/or selling it to make a profit. Well, you’ve come to the right place because the process is very simple.

I call it: “the triple-dip”

We all know that you’re never supposed to double-dip a chip. We also know that rotating a chip to a non-bitten side makes it socially acceptable and adventitious for scooping up more dip, quicker.

The triple-dip method is all about taking one chip and dipping it in a bowl of delicious profit as many times as possible. Here’s how…

First: how to get the free stuff

I first began offering my freelance writing services on My gig was simple:

Example of Fiverr gig —” I will write a blog post, article, or review on any topic” (Hudson Rennie)
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Starting at the minimum amount of $5 per blog post, article, or review, I would write up to 500 words of “uniquely written, SEO optimized, non-plagiarized” content. After racking up a few positive reviews, I was bombarded with strange (often non-ethical) offers, such as:

  • Creating fake email accounts
  • Using my native English-speaking skills to pretend to be someone else
  • Writing school reports
  • Signing up for various platforms and selling the login access

To balance my experience, I also had many great interactions with like-minded entrepreneurs. But I digress.

Among these requests, I began to notice a common theme: reviews



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