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Life can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Health | Happiness 🪴 Let’s keep in touch:

Updated 11/14/21

Plus my best stories and where to find me

Me, at Osoyoos lake, BC, Canada.

Hey you! Thanks so much for checking out my profile. Here’s a little bit about me…

I’m Hudson, a 29-year-old human from Vancouver, Canada. I love writing, cooking, being in nature, learning, and doing things that generally make me feel accomplished.

If my life were a recipe, writing would be…

Health | Nutrition

Wake up, drink this, start the day right.

Image of glass water bottle with various healthy ingredients in it
Photo by Bogdan Costin on Unsplash

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Stretch? Look at your phone? Drink water?

The first thing you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. …

Life Lessons | Advice

The many entrepreneurial benefits a day job can offer you

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

Unless you’re in the top percent of entrepreneurs who have made it, you’re probably faking it.

Faking it is an admirable endeavour for many reasons, but one that comes with a lingering caveat. The need for a financial guise. For many of us, this means a day job.

I work…

Health | Nutrition | Recipe

And it hasn’t even been named yet.

Person pouring a hot coffee-like liquid into handless mugs.
Photo by Klara Avsenik on Unsplash

I’ve been a coffee drinker for the majority of my life.

As such, coffee has become a large part of my existence. Namely, the morning part. So, when I was told that I had to give up coffee due to chronic digestive issues, I was sad to say the least.

Mental Health | Self Improvement

Internal words speak the loudest

Person loving themselves with a metaphorical hug.
Photo by De'Andre Bush on Unsplash

How you speak to yourself says a lot about how you feel. Actually, it says everything. When nobody is listening is the most important time to watch what you say.

“Should” is a terribly destructive word that many of us use, unknowingly. …

Health | Breathing | Advice

Improve your life with a few deep breaths

Man breathing through his mouth, reaping all the fantastic benefits.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Breathing is our single most under-utilized tool. I mean, it’s literally the first thing we learn how to do when we’re born. Yet, most of us are doing it wrong.

So, how can you breathe effectively and why?

The answer, is right under your nose. Or, in your nose, I…

Health | Nutrition | Food

Burn bright, sleep tight, and repeat

Pizza being cast into the proverbial flames of the human body.
Photo by serjan midili on Unsplash

Imagine the following,

“It’s the end of a long day. You’re at home in your most comfortable pants, captivated by a new Netflix series. What are you eating? A whole mess of carbs… just hours before bed.”

What’s your first reaction? “If only dieting were that simple… sounds lovely but…etc.?”

Mental Health

Trusting yourself is simple, not easy

Lego piece in pieces. Metaphor for your brain. Boom.
Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

We all feel anxious. Some, more than others.

Anxiety comes from not trusting your ‘selfs’. Your past self may have failed you, making it harder to trust your future self. The sad part is, the only one that suffers is your present self.

So, build trust between your selfs with…

Health | Fitness

Your life can drastically improve with a few deep breaths

A mechanic fixing the chassis of a vehicle (metaphor: the vehicle is your body). Mic drop.
Photo by Malte Luk from Pexels

Listen mouth-breathers, I’m not looking to offend anyone. I want to help.

So, pause and take a deep breath. Get yourself into a listening state. Don’t feel any better? That’s because you’re doing it wrong.

Have you ever taken your car to get its oil changed? Perhaps you’re handy and…

Take a look and judge for yourself

A very judgemental looking owl… judging and plotting.
Photo by Adnan Shahid on Unsplash

I like most of my writing. To be fair, not all of it. Even some my most recent stories make me cringe.

But there are others that I really love, that for whatever reason, didn’t catch fire.

Maybe it was the headline, image, or the gosh-darn algorithm. …

Hudson Rennie

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