Sometimes, words speak louder than anything.

“Should” is not your average swear word like *bleep*, *bleep*, or *bleep*.

If you call someone a “should” they are likely to respond with confusion as opposed to anger or a gasp. “Should” is not a word that incites strong reactions from others but is extremely harmful to those that utter it.

Every time you use the word “should” you are creating three harmful thought patterns:

  1. Unfair expectations
  2. A rift between you and yourself
  3. An escape from accountability

Removing this foul word from your vocabulary creates a clearer mind. Here’s why and how to do it.

“Should” Creates Unfair Expectations

“Expectation is the root…

The road to reflection is paved with pit stops

Life is a beautiful journey but all too often we feel rushed to get to our destination. Avoiding breaks, we pull over only when our gas tanks near ‘empty’.

Meditation offers a chance to reflect and re-fuel but it’s a stop we rarely make. The truth is, everyone can benefit from meditation and even the most hectic schedule allows time to meditate.

I used to panic at the idea of sitting alone with my thoughts. When I did meditate, I would become frustrated when I didn’t immediately reach a state of zen. …

Here’s how to spot it and stop it

Self-sabotage is a mysterious habit, stopping us from realizing our true potential. I struggled with this formidable foe my whole life until I followed my gut and solved the why.

Just like any crime, self-sabotage begins with a motive. The usual suspects are:

  • Fear of trying and/or failing
  • Guilt — over succeeding
  • Unworthinessfeeling like an imposter

Whether sabotage is an excuse, equalizer, or self-fulfilling prophecy to you, it can also act as a red herring distracting from a much simpler culprit.

Self-sabotage is a happiness preserver

Just like the villain in almost any episode of Scooby-Doo, self-sabotage comes around just as things…

Walking is a gateway to endless creativity

It never ceases to amaze me, how much a walk can do for the soul.

Just today, I was struggling with writer’s block for the majority of the day. I tried standing up, sitting down, stretching, reading, and drinking tea, all to find some kindling for inspiration.

I decided to give up and take a walk to clear my head. I should have guessed that I would return home with the opposite result. Within ten short minutes, I was overwhelmed with an inferno of ideas, solutions, and a burning desire to write them all down.

This is not the first…

A $5 gig can earn you so much more

Let me preface this article by saying two things:

1. I tip too much

2. I am a notoriously good customer

This information will become relevant soon.

You’ve likely clicked on this headline because you are in some way interested in the idea of getting free stuff and/or selling it to make a profit. Well, you’ve come to the right place because the process is very simple.

I call it: “the triple-dip”

We all know that you’re never supposed to double-dip a chip. …

Using the Stutter-Step Method

By nature, we are all addicts.

Whether it’s social media, exercise, or caffeine, we all overdo what makes us feel good. Our brains are wired to love habits as, in the past, they kept us safe.

Because of this, habits are naturally difficult to break — even the bad ones.

Positive habits are great. They offer structure, security, and contribution to personal growth. Conversely, negative habits are hollow, superficial, and can lead us down dark paths.

Throughout my life, I’ve found it difficult to undo negative habits. The only way I’ve been able to undo one habit is by replacing…

Why is diving in the hardest step?

Practice makes perfect.

Unfortunately, perfection is often prefaced with panic and procrastination.

This used to represent my writing practice. I loved looking back at a piece of my writing but hated the process of getting there.

I would ponder the premise for a while, panic, procrastinate, and finally produce a rough draft only to be revisited once I was in the perfect headspace to write again.

Creation is like a drug — satisfying, scary, and painful all at the same time. Until very recently, it was a drug I had been inflating my habitual use of.

Getting lost in creative…

Not all heroes thrift capes

Group of diverse millennials wearing Batman masks with cityscape in the background and social media icons floating above.
Group of diverse millennials wearing Batman masks with cityscape in the background and social media icons floating above.

Millennials have gotten a bad rap since… forever.

Before reaching adulthood, millennials were labeled as entitled dreamers who would rather skate by in life, chasing waterfalls than sticking to the rivers and the lakes that past generations were used to.

Oh, and if you were wondering, yes I am a millennial.

In true meta-millennial fashion, what I’ve set out to do today, is to take a few mainstream stereotypes and repurpose them into the notion that millennials should be looked at as caped crusaders as opposed to entitled villains.

I’ll know I’ve done my job if at the end of…

I will tell you all of them — no strings attached

Before we begin, I would like to address the elephant in the room as I have had this conversation, many times…

Yes: I sleep on the floor, every night.

No: I do not use a pillow.

As for how: I lay a sheet down next to my actual bed, curl up with a blanket, and sleep like a baby.

Now we can proceed.

Let me set the scene: starting from the bottom bunk

Growing up, sleepovers were synonymous with adventure and thrill. Although they were quite clearly clever ploys created by our parents to get us out of the house for an evening, they were exciting.

Sleepovers were chock-full of…

A step-by-step framework for overcoming nerves and anxiety

“What happened? I blacked out.”

Sound familiar? It probably does, because we’ve all been there. Nerves, anxiety, and the panic that comes along with them are unavoidable parts of life.

Dear nerves: “Why, even?”

Nerves and anxiety are built into our DNA to warn us of danger. They are unavoidable because they are part of our “fight or flight” response. In short, our bodies release hormones (like adrenaline) in stressful situations, to help us concentrate and act. Nerves and anxiety keep us primed for action but can also cause us to overthink and underperform.

So, how can you overcome nerves, anxiety, and thousands of…

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